Here’s the thing about marketing advice:

You hear one tip, you’ve…kinda heard them all.

That’s not to say there aren’t new ideas or that you can’t improve upon the fundamentals. Keywords, content, and promotion still form the foundation of every successful website marketing campaign…

(…are you ready for the ‘But’?)

But it all feels a little familiar, right?

(There it is)

So if you’re sick and tired of the same old advice, tactics, and run-of-the-mill strategies, consider branching out with some of these zanier ideas that might just work for you!

1) Get Crazy With Your Content

Haven’t you heard?

Content is king!

Yet here’s the thing about kings:

They’re just a little…boring.

Content for content’s sake used to be enough, but these days users are tuning out in droves. There are only so many times someone wants to read ‘The Ultimate Guide To Marketing Tactics!’ or ‘Everything You Need To Know About Buying Shoes’.

It literally says ‘Everything’ in the title…what more is there to know?

So trade in that crown and become a Content Court Jester instead!

Be exciting. Be interesting. Be quirky and entertaining. Most of all? Be a little different. The internet is full of static these days, so stand out from the crowd with content that’s as unique as you are.

2) Don’t Be Afraid to Step Into Your Competitor’s Territory

Everyone’s a little wary of stepping on each others’ toes…

…only, in the big wide world of Google, anything beyond that first page is a jumbled mess anyway!

It’s a metaphorical clown car.

So, what am I getting at?

Don’t be afraid to go toe-to-toe with your competitors over their own terms.

Perhaps it’s a versus post between your products and a competitor’s, a comparison of prices and features. As long as you remain (somewhat) impartial, it’ll be a great resource for those ready to throw down their cash.

Even better?

With a little promotion, you could start to rank for your competitor’s branded terms.

How’s that for a quick win?!

3) Reverse Engineer Potential Bad Press

Good news is, well, all well and good.

But in today’s connected world, bad news spreads like wildfire.

What’s worse is that bad press can stick around long after any issues are put to bed.

Instead of attempting to wipe the search slate clean after the fact, consider getting ahead of any potential bad press with a few crafty bits of content. Owning this space is easy: create and then SEO optimise new content using what may be otherwise controversial keywords.

4) Put Users Front and Center

People are far more likely to trust friends, family, or…just about most any random internet user over your own business’s marketing spiel. This may be cause for concern, but you can use it to your advantage!

Let your users take centre stage with feedback that goes beyond a standard testimonial. Instead, harness the power of user-generated content and follow up with customers about how a product or service may have influenced their lives, revolutionized the way they do something, and what your company has learned from the process.

People love reading a more relatable story.

They love sharing it, too!

5) Get Your Meme On

Content doesn’t always have to take a written form.

And no, I’m not talking about a Slideshare presentation or 30-second video, either.

That’s right, we’re talking memes!

Memes aren’t exactly new business, but they may well be new to your business if you’ve been slow on the uptake. They either come and go in just a few days, or they stick around for years to come, so landing on the right way to utilize the latest in internet culture for your gain can be a little tricky, but all it takes is a little ingenuity to see your social media posts go viral.

6) Get Real

The internet has a habit of spreading rumours.

In fact, misinformation runs rife.

Breaking this trend and being transparent with your audience is a great way to gain traction.

So weave a little honesty into your next marketing campaign. Perhaps it’s a behind-the-scenes look at a product’s journey from concept to virtual store shelves. Or, maybe it’s a break down of the costs behind a service you offer.

It shouldn’t be a novelty, but it is!

7) Ask Me (Almost) Anything

Most every site these days features a FAQ.


Ho hum, right?

Sure, they may be informative, but they’re not really all that interesting.

They’re also not going to help you gain much traction, either!

To liven things up, get your audience talking, and get your name out there, consider holding an AMA.

An AMA (Ask Me Anything) session held via Reddit, Instagram Live, or a platform of your choice is a great way to connect with your target audience, get your message out there, and receive first-hand feedback from people who’ve bought your products or used your services.

Throw in an exclusive tidbit and you’ll also boost the chance that press picks up on it and run coverage!

8) Embrace Stealth Reveals and Surprise Launches

Ok, so it goes against everything you’ve ever learned in marketing school.

You’re launching a product…

…or a service…

…or a new feature…

…and…you’re not going to say a word about it.

Ok, we know it sounds mad, but hear us out here!

The ‘hype’ cycle around products, services, and entertainment is long and drawn out these days.

New things are announced months if not years in advance, kickstarting prolonged – and expensive – PR campaigns that often struggle just to keep something in the public discourse, let alone at the top of the most-wanted list.

While this trick won’t work for everyone, a stealth reveal or surprise launch may be just what Dr. Google ordered!

While we’re not all EA – who has seen extraordinary success with their same-day reveal and launch of Apex Legends – a similarly stealthy strategy may be just what you need to get your message out there.

9) Don’t Be Afraid of Failure

Everyone is averse to failure.

Just look at the sheer amount of stats and metrics that go into producing and releasing well…

…almost anything these days.

It’s designed by committee and paint by numbers.

That’s not to say it doesn’t work.

In fact, most of the time these figures are what we use to ensure we’re on the right track.

But sometimes algorithms, stats, and figures just can’t account for that gut feeling we all have once in a while. The one that says take a risk, take a chance, and make a change to the way your market your products or get your message out there.

Will it always work? Of course not! Should you bet everything and the kitchen sink on it? Hell no! But taking a risk once in a while is often how we end up with better, more effective ideas and strategies in the future.

The absence of failure doesn’t automatically mean you’re succeeding!

Ditch the Cookie Cutters – Stand Out From the Crowd!

So there are just a few ideas that buck the digital marketing trend! Though they may not all be applicable to you or your marketing campaign, hopefully, they’ve at least inspired you to think outside the box a little and give an unconventional idea a chance the next time you’re on the marketing trail.