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At startup circle. your Website is just the beginning! But it is a very important beginning! With more than 3 Billion people using the internet there are literally millions of people searching to find solutions to their everyday needs. So, knowing that all these people are online all the time, what is the best marketing tool you have as a business? Your WEBSITE!

Think of your website as a great customer service representative and marketing agent.

As a customer service representative, your website answers questions about your business hours and location, what products or services you offer, and any other details people would usually call your business to get. For e-commerce businesses, online shoppers often shop after hours, so it’s important to have your website marketed and available for them when they are ready to make a purchase. Adding a shopping cart to your website will allow buyers to make purchases directly from your website at their convenience.

As a marketing agent, your website allows you to reach out to people in your local community and throughout the world. Most businesses include contact or feedback forms on their website which helps them generate new customers and retain existing ones. Through Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and email enabled marketing campaigns, new products and services are always kept top of mind with customers.

For Marketing purposes, a website is not always the only answer.  For product-specific campaigns, sometimes a micro-site is better suited.  A micro-site is 3-5 pages and more focused on one product or service.  This may be perfect if you are launching a new business line!  focus on a specific purpose such as promoting new merchandise, trying out a new product line or selling clearance or discounted items.  A microsite can be your primary website but typically acts as an additional marketing channel that focuses on communicating a specific selling message of a product or service.

Microsites are particularly useful working alongside a specific marketing campaign or seasonal event. This allows the use of different campaign or event visuals without having any impact on your main site branding.

The Main Purpose of Microsites;

  • Be the destination or hub for a marketing campaign or event. (An organization’s main website often serves too many agendas to play this role)
  • Provide relevant content about a specific product or service so that an online visitor doesn’t have to hunt for the marketing message
  • Includes items and information that is relevant, exclusive, entertaining and timely
  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Be maintained more easily due to it’s inherent scope and size
  • Help establish individual brand identities

Microsites are a great addition to your Digital marketing strategy. The advantages of just one main website which features all facets of your business are numerous. These advantages far outweigh the relatively small amount of work and cost required to set them up in addition to your main website. The flexibility they offer outside of the constraints of your main company website branding, along with major advantages when it comes to organic search engine optimization mean they are worth considering as part of your online marketing strategy.

To learn more about micro sites and how they can enhance your current Internet marketing strategy contact startup circle.

For online marketing lead generation leading to conversion, the best solution is a Landing Page.  Landing Pages are 1 page with very specific calls to action (ie., email sign up, phone call) that guide your customers with the exact action you would like them to take.  A conversion occurs when a visitor to your landing page takes the desired action you want, such as a purchase, download, phone call or filling out a form

At startup circle. we ensure you have high conversion rates by developing strategies through the following;

  • Writing persuasive copy
  • Designing neat and easy-to-read landing pages
  • Include a relevant and prominent call to action
  • Remove elements that may distract eye path from flow toward the goal
  • Setting up split A-B testing landing pages
  • Use of your logos and color to highlight your brand.
  • Including form capture on the landing page and notification when submitted
  • Measuring the actual number of contacts coming from the landing page
  • Track key performance on all pages and constantly testing the landing pages
  • Optimize the PPC landing pages for improved natural search

An effective landing page always includes the above-listed aspects. Adopting these tactics will keep your potential clients involved and prompt them to take the desired action you choose. To create great landing pages that meet your business objectives Contact us

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