With the world of digital marketing becoming inreasingly complex day by day due to the growing engagement of people around the world deriving a large amount of big data build up, it is an absolute necessity that all small business owners must acquaint themselves with the nature of the digital world. Here are the three key constants that structure the digital marketing world:

1. Personal Branding

Entrepreneurs often focus all of their efforts on building their product’s brand (i.e. the company’s name), rather than building their own personal brand.

Personal branding provides a human side to a business, a place where both prospects and existing customers can relate to, a lack of development by business owners in this field does not necessarily damage their ongoing businesses but it will definately lessen the appeal of engagement from prospects as the social media age becomes more dominant each day.

If people know and trust you and your personal brand, they’re more likely to trust your new business. We make decision based on our emotion and used rational reasoning to back it up. Personal branding will help the business create that human side that all your business prospects and customers can relate too. This can be seen through out history of marketing even before the development and growth of digital marketing, that is ‘celebrity endorsement’.

Customers want to see and get to know the face that represents or is behind the company.

Growing your social media following will help boost your personal brand, as will guest posting and booking speaking engagements.

2. Mobile Optimization

Since the mass introduction of the smartphone and its recent development, usage of mobile phones had slowly become the key engagement medium for most eyeballs. In 2015, the number of mobile searches had surpassed the number of desktop searches for the first time. As more people use smartphones and tablets to research and make purchases, it has become crucial to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

In the Australia alone, over 90% of adults owned a smartphone in 2018. In 2011, only over 30% of adults had smartphones. About 30% of Australian rely on their mobile devices to some degree for access to information, services, and for staying connected to the world.

If you have yet to optimize your site and content for mobile devices, start now. Otherwise, you may find yourself falling behind the competition.

3. Content is and will always be King

Content creation is the life and blood of your digital marketing strategy. It conveys not only your brand’s message, but it also assure that you are engaging with your prospects and your customers in a consistent and valuable basis.

Prospective customers are always on the search, they personally want to know why they should use your services over other businesses. Use your content to show that difference, engage them into your community.

A well developed content strategy will establish your brand and you as a leader in the industry, and ultimately, help you win the trust of potential customers.

While content creation is important, promotion is just as important. The Field of Dreams approach doesn’t work in the online marketing field. Outreach plays an important role in content promotion. Connect with influencers to let them know about content that may interest their readers. Reach out the industry forums and LinkedIn groups as well. Leverage your social media accounts to share and promote your valuable content.

The digital marketing world is constantly changing, but these three things will always be important: personal branding, mobile optimization, and content. Personal branding and content (both creation and promotion) help you gain trust with potential customers, which in turn will make them more likely to buy. Mobile optimization will ensure your content and marketing efforts reach a wider (and growing) audience.