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Web analytics improve marketing decisions by providing quick, fact-based customer-centric information that can be acted upon quickly.

“Track and measure your web traffic to improve decisions and maximize results.”

Why analytics work and improve decisions

Web analytics improve marketing decisions by providing quick, fact-based customer-centric information that can be acted upon quickly.

Most retailers develop and evolve their decision-making strategies based on expert judgment and testing over time. But conditions are changing so fast that it’s fair to ask the question: how often does any retailer actually employ its best strategy? By the time you think you’ve figured out the best approach, the market has moved. In the online world, Web analytics help solve this problem by tracking and measuring a vast number of strategic possibilities very quickly, enabling you to design and execute the best strategies sooner.

Follow the scent…

Web analytics also referred to as website traffic analysis provides information that you can leverage to better understand how visitors are interacting with your website, and how you can dramatically increase your customer conversion rates. Web analytics can tell you how they arrived at your site – via a search engine, following a link, clicking on your pay-per-click ad, or typing your website address directly into their browser. You can tell how long they stayed on each page, where they clicked, what pages they viewed as well as which page they exited your site. Once you understand visitors’ behavior, you can then identify and eliminate navigational obstacles that slow down or prevent visitors from completing your conversion goals. The result will be an improved visitor experience encouraging more conversions. startup circle. can show you a scientific, logically progressive way to make greater profits by getting into the minds of your customers using online Web analytics.

Use data effectively

Online, almost everything can be measured: unique visitors, clicks, engagement, buzz, open rates, conversions, demographics, branding and time spent are just a few examples of the many available metrics. Retail marketers and business owners like yourself embrace the very real potential of all this information – but often feel overwhelmed by mountains of data, or stymied by the technology that delivers the solutions.

So how should you determine what to measure? How to make sense of all the data, charts and numbers at your fingertips – then turn it into action? How to measure across channels (even offline)? How to forecast? To find out how to best evaluate and utilize your Web analytics data to improve decisions and maximize results contact startup circle.

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