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Marketing Automation Services

Increase Marketing Efficiency + Reduce Costs? Yes Please.

As a business owner have you ever thought about automating, measuring and streamlining your workflows and marketing tasks? This will not only save you costs, but increase revenue and efficiency.

Automation is the key to sustained growth!

As a business owner, how often do you spend hours upon hours marketing or otherwise outsourcing your marketing to freelancers, who may not even give you the results you’re looking for!

At Onsavii we provide marketing automation services to our clients and have successfully generated over $100 million in sales for over 300 small businesses. We provide some of the best marketing automation services in Australia.

Your business needs to be optimised for faster growth.

Streamlining your database processes, including prospect data and customer behaviours and interactions allows you to segment and aim the right message to each customer. These automation processes often require the following:

  • A central database for marketing: This acts as the primary location for your data, including customer behaviours plus interactions, and detail prospect data. Effectively a record of all your marketing information.
  • A marketing engine that creates engagement: This is the key component responsible for the automation, creation and management of marketing conversations and processes across offline and online channels. Effectively a drill sergeant directing your processes for highly efficient customer interactions.
  • An engine for Analytics data: This is how you can measure, test and optimize marketing ROI and measure the impact on revenue. This is one of the most important key aspects of automation as it enables you to focus in on your target audience like a hawk.

It is important to consider the opportunity that marketing automation can provide for your business and to take advantage of its immense benefits. You can nurture prospects with extremely personalized, and useful content that will dramatically increase conversion rates. Generate new revenue for your business and maintain an excellent return on investment for your money.

Onsavii can engage you in an Information meeting to identify the details of your current marketing processes and setup and work the magic of marketing automation for your business!

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