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Onsavii’s edge on Google Ads Strategy

Every businesses owners over the year had either actively engaged or faintly heard of the existence of Google Ads platform. But what you probably don’t know is how close your day to day business operation is tied with the search engine behemoth, and more importantly how it can exponentially improve your leads pool and conversion rate via its native platform of Google Ads.

Essentially, we all are currently living in the digital world, where the majority of consumers purchase decision are made in front of a screen and a large percentage of them begins with the page of The focus is to make your business visible online, so that your prospects can directly engage with not only your business but also your products, a strategic pay per click (PPC) campaign—paid search marketing will provide this instant exposure in search.

Stay on top of your niche: You know your business & It’s Onsavii’s job to know your marketing

Offering your own products and services to provide the best quality for your customers had never been more accessible but that also means it had never been more complex, AdWords offers the most constructive way to bring your own business to a large pool of prospects. At Onsavii, we do just that, getting you to page 1 of your niche from day 1 of our service – it’s a bold statement we’re making but we’re sticking by it. We’ve done Google Ads campaign management for countless clients across Australia, and over 3 continents, each clients though unique per their service offerings but they are similar in one objective – to be the number 1 service provider of their own niche. You know that you can provide the best service for your client, so let us bring the clients to you.

Google Ads campaign management is a day by day development and an ongoing process. A simple campaign without careful planning and selection of search terms is the fastest way to burn through a budget with little to show for, we consult a large amount of clients whom had burnt through their monthly budget within days due to their mismanagement of keywords selection. You must know that your customers come from a certain selective groups of keywords, to build up your sales funnel with AdWords is a deeply involved process but it can mean a high return on your investment when done right.

Google Ads is designed to focus on targeted search and connect your business with prospects who are actively searching for products or services that is within your geographic & demographic boundaries. The result is more qualified traffic to your landing pages and a higher return for your business.

It’s all about getting your ad copy right and making sure it appears at the right time in front of the right audience. At Onsavii, we do just that for you.

Why Use Google Ads?

Digital marketing on Google Search Engine is very similar to a real estate investment, ‘location, location, location’ is the mantra. To find yourself occupying the top section of the search engine will mean that all the eyeballs . In fact, around 40% of traffic goes to the number one ranked website.

  1. An effective Google Ads campaign will drive new and qualified visitors to your website, increase phone calls, foot traffic and ultimately sales.
  2. With Google Adwords, you can monitor discreetly the effectiveness of your own investment in marketing, beyond the KPIs trackers of the old ways. You clearly see how many people notice your ads and click to visit your website or call you. You can even see the actual number of sales your website drives directly from your ads.
  3. Whether your business is a niche or global targeting on a geographical basis, strategy can be structured accordingly and be monitored anywhere on the globe without the stress of hiring a team in every cities.
  4. Timing is also the most important thing in marketing which is why big businesses in traditional marketing had always timed their ads to be within mid-time of the Superbowls, State of Origin, etc. With Google Adwords, it is also the same – it matters to target when your prospects is engaging and to monitor their behavior across.
  5. Constant insights will be generated on your prospects via Google Analytics, which will be in synced with Adwords.
  6. You only pay on a Pay per Click model, which is different from the pay per Impressions model that was used by other social media sites.

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